Truck components rely heavily on plastic compounds to do a multitude of tasks.

Whether you are improving fuel efficiency by converting metal components into plastic or consolidating multiple parts into a single streamlined piece, you need the materials and knowhow to get there.

Asahi’s materials have been winning many awards. Let’s connect and see how our innovations might transform your ideas into something new.

Materials Serving the Trucking Industry

  • Thermylene - Polypropylene
  • Thermylene SWP - Stress Whitening Prevention Polypropylene
  • Thermylene Soform - High Haptic Polypropylene
  • Thermylon - Polyamide PA 6, PA 66
  • Leona - Polyamide PA 66, PA 66+6i
  • Stylac - ABS
  • Tenac - Homopolymer & Copolymer Acetal (POM)
  • Xyron - modified Polyphenylene Ether (mPPE)