If there is one thing that’s constant for the commercial interiors and seating segment, it’s an ever changing world of environmental certifications.

Be it LEED, Level, Cradle to Cradle, or the newer “Declare” from the Living Building Challenge, plastics are an essential part of the conversation.

Asahi has been providing a number of sustainably minded solutions ever since we introduced our Stress Whitening Prevention polypropylene and polyamide replacement PP in 2008.

Materials Serving the Furniture Segment

  • Thermylene - Polypropylene
  • Thermylene SWP - Stress Whitening Prevention Polypropylene
  • Thermylene Soform - High Haptic Polypropylene
  • Thermylon - Polyamide PA 6, PA 66
  • Leona - Polyamide PA 66, PA 66+6i
  • Tenac - Homopolymer & Copolymer Acetal (POM)