Higher fuel economy, lower emissions, weight reduction, sustainability and cabin air quality concerns are just a few of the challenges facing automakers today.

Whether it is the next generation of lightweight materials, low-VOC compounds or sustainably sourced resins, Asahi’s award winning technologies are providing new solutions for the key challenges facing global automotive OEMs.

With manufacturing facilities located across the globe, our extensive portfolio is ready and available wherever and whenever you need it to be.

Materials Serving the Automotive Segment

  • Thermylene - Polypropylene
  • Thermylene SWP - Stress Whitening Prevention Polypropylene
  • Thermylene Soform - High Haptic Polypropylene
  • Thermylon - Polyamide PA 6, PA 66
  • Leona - Polyamide PA 66, PA 66+6i
  • Stylac - ABS
  • Tenac - Homopolymer & Copolymer Acetal (POM)
  • Xyron - modified Polyphenylene Ether (mPPE)