Asahi Profile


What are your shipping hours and who is the onsite contacts?

Carriers must provide the Asahi Kasei Plastics’ pick up number at our facilities or site access will be denied. Freight Forwarders: Send any necessary shipping documents such as the carrier’s inland BOL to Asahi’s department email at the time of scheduling.

Athens, Alabama: 1910 Wilkinson St., Athens, AL 35611

Shipping & Receiving Hours: 24/7
Pickup Appointment Required? Yes

Contact Site: 
•    Email Athens Facility
•    Ronald Kirk – 256-497-7495

Fowlerville, Michigan: 900 E. Van Riper Rd., Fowlerville, MI 48836

Shipping Hours: Monday – Friday, 6AM – 11PM Saturday – Sunday, 6AM – 6PM
Receiving Hours: 24/7, FTL deliveries during off hours (8PM – 5AM)
Pickup Appointment Required? Ground shipments – No, Overseas shipments – Yes

Contact Site:
•    Email Fowlerville Facility
•    Primary Contact: Linda Oesterle – 517-223-5103
•    Secondary Contact: Tim Jones – 517-223-5182

Howell, MI: 3970 Parsons Rd., Howell, MI 48855

Shipping & Receiving Hours: Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM
Pickup Appointment Required? Yes

Contact Site:
•    Email Howell Facility 
•    Primary Contact: Susie Fosshage – 517-540-1289
•    Secondary Contact: Jessie Wilkinson – 517-540-1289


Where do we currently operate?

What systems do you use to manage shipments?

Asahi utilizes a Transportation Management System that allows shipment tracking throughout the supply chain and optimizes the flow of material to our customer.

What is your shipping volume across transit modes? 

LTL    42% of total vol.
Truckload    25% of total vol.
Bulk Truck    24% of total vol.
Ocean Container    5% of total vol.​
Intermodal    3% of total vol.
Air (International)    1% of total vol.


Getting started with Asahi

How often do you run RFPs?

RFPs typically run every fall or when there is a significant change in market or business needs. We assess our logistical network with the aim to improve on service level and cost either by simple additions or whole sale changes. We are always interested in partnering with businesses that can help us effectively meet our current needs and help achieve our vision of growth. 

How do I get set up as a vendor? (click here...)

If your company profile matches our business philosophy and needs, we ask that you complete our online vendor qualification form. Our team evaluates all submissions and will reach out to your company as synergies are identified. 

How does a delivery provider obtain or increase business in its service area?

Business is awarded based on several different criteria. While price is a large factor, we also look at on-time delivery percentages, customer service, damage rates, and tender acceptance percentages.


Delivering on our needs

Who can I contact in case of an emergency?

You can contact our Logistics Manager, Jason Fox, at 517-375-6696.

What sort of tracking do you require for shipments coming to and leaving from your facility?

We need to be notified of any exceptions or delays related to the shipment as soon as issues arise. We do not require live tracking of the freight while enroute.

Do you require logistics-type web tools such as ASNs, activity management reports, online claims filing, etc.?

While not mandatory, it is a preferred feature.

Are you looking for additional warehouse space?

We have strong presence in various regions, including the Midwest, Southeast, West Coast and Mexico. We are not looking to alter our current warehouse agreements at this time. As our business grows, we look for opportunities to expand our inventory storage at a low total cost model. 

What type of product do we ship?

We ship plastic resin in two main packaging types. We ship Octabin (Gaylord) boxes and Supersacks of material.  The dimensions and stackability is below.

Will our data remain private?

100%! We will not share your company's data with anyone.