Do you really need a partner?

Fred Astaire may or may not have needed Ginger Rogers. But didn’t they give dancing an elegant turn?  Abbot may or may not have needed Costello.  But without their asking, we may never have known who’s on first. Watson may not have needed Crick.  But they put DNA’s double helix together, well, together. 

Why collaborate with Asahi Kasei?

Your plastic part may or may not benefit from a partnership with a global compounder of engineered thermoplastics. But bringing in an extra pair of eyes – connected to a full set of design, development, and process resources – can bring any application into sharper focus. 

Asahi Kasei Plastics commands a portfolio of diverse and complementary polymers: from custom polypropylenes, to polyamides and nylon blends, to homopolymer or copolymer acetal, to modified polyphenylene ether (mPPE). We understand their properties and their performance. Where they shine and where they benefit from reinforcement. So when you’re presented with  choice between polymers, we can tell you whether it makes a material difference. Or whether it’s 6/6 of one and half a dozen of the other. 

Innovation rarely happens in a vacuum

When should you divert from your usual development path? When should you part ways with a familiar process? Using the same material in the same way is not likely to end in innovation. You may benefit by thinking “out of the box.” Or maybe just out of the gaylord that holds your current material. 

It may not be as great a leap as you imagine. You'll find yourself in new but reassuring surroundings. A2LA-certified laboratories.  Experienced tool designers. Practiced parts engineers. Pilot production lines. And technical support all the way to savings in time or cost. 

When you’re ready to venture out of the box, give Asahi Kasei a call. We’ll meet you there.