We manufacture high performance plastic compounds for OEMs and tier suppliers around the globe. Whether it is from Detroit to Dusseldorf or San Antonio to Sao Paulo, at every point between A and B our materials are supporting the creation and commercialization of consumer products.

Our materials can be found in your home, on the road, in the office, in the garage, in the toolbox, in pools and spas and even drinking fountains.

Our people are the source of design, creation, and problem solving.

We nurture and inspire our employee's creativity to solve the challenges our customers bring to us. Technology is our tool for innovation, advancing today’s world by making it safer, cleaner, and more comfortable for tomorrow’s generations. We are people creating for people.

With multiple manufacturing and support facilities located across the globe, we strive to provide a high level of personal service for you and your company. Our production standards guarantee product uniformity, ensuring that no matter on what continent you are making products, you can focus on delivering premium experiences for your customers without worrying about materials.